About solid oak:

To see oaks in nature is always an experience in itself. They have a personality that no other type of tree has and their vitality is completely unique. We consider it an honour to manufacture oak board that respects and preserves the tree's personality. We get the timber from large oaks of the very best quality in European forests. These oaks are up to 200 years old. That, together with careful manufacture, makes the MAVIS oak board special.

Exquisite planks with personality
You get a unique, distinctive look of the highest quality. The beautiful grain, along with the knots, tells the story of the tree's life and creates a beautiful, natural aesthetic. The majestic look is reflected in the boards, where the unique grain bears witness to the power and beauty of nature. Full-length boards are an elegant solution. The clean lines create calm, simplicity and a clean look. 
Our solid wooden boards are manufactured from whole planks of wood (10 cm wide in a single piece)
The finished boards are all different from one another. Some might have more knots, others fewer. The boards also differ in terms of colour, which gives the table a living structure and a natural look. Authentic and warm.

Part of nature
What is a knot? It may seem like a simple question, but the answer means everything to us.
In purely technical terms, knots are what remains of the branches that grew out from the trunk of the tree. In that way, knots bear witness to the history of the tree where the power of nature has left both scars and beautiful imprints.
For us, a knot is neither a defect nor a blemish. On the contrary, it's a beautiful imprint that lends character and life to the boards. Knots make the table unique and are an important aesthetic aspect that's good to bear in mind when you're thinking about buying a table from MAVIS.

We investigate individual knots thoroughly and repair them if necessary as part of our production process. We do this in order to be able to guarantee the quality and respectful use of the felled 200 year-old tree.
Just as a tree always has branches, knots will always form a natural part of a solid wooden board from MAVIS.

Soaped surface
Gives a unique, light, Nordic look. The soap forms a film that protects the wood. Depending on the use, the table must be soaped a couple of times a year in order to build up a film of soap. Most of the pressure marks go away after washing and no post-treatment is necessary. However, the table does require commitment. We recommend treatment with HERDINS Golvsåpa [floor soap] in the colours Natur [Natural] or Vit [White]. Lightly sand it down first with 220 sand paper to remove any stains.

Oiled surface
Gives a beautiful, warm, rich look and a strong surface. The oil soaks down into the wood and seals the surface. You can wipe the surface with a damp cloth whenever necessary. The board must be re-treated regularly with oil to restore the oil coating and re-seal the surface. We recommend cold-pressed LINSEED OIL or PARAFFIN OIL. Lightly sand it down first with 220 sand paper to remove any stains.

Both oiled and soaped boards are more sensitive to stains than a lacquered board. The advantage is that you can easily restore the surface using a little sandpaper, oil or soap.