One day we decided. 
We should only make furniture that we ourselves would want to own.
With no compromises.
Design, materials, details, quality... everything in the smallest detail (including how furniture should be packed). 
Furniture that you could live with for a long time, not just consume. 
That could work with everything else you collect in your home. 
One day we did it. 
We only compromised on one thing.
The price. 
We wanted everyone to have the opportunity to own something that lasts. Not just for the moment. 
Real furniture, at reasonable prices. 
We are Mavis. Real furniture. Born in Sweden, made in our world.

By hand; Aztek

By Hand; Marcel

By hand; Marcel

By hand; Tribeca

By hand; Tribeca

The raw materials

This is where it starts
And this is where WE start

The process

Swedish furniture,
but not furniture from Sweden.

The production

Man and machine
The combination of both worlds, By Hand

The delivery

It’s all in the details
Delivery makes no exception