Update Coffee Table 140x40cm

Art. no 13186140

White Pigmented Lacquered Oak

Product information

It is easy to add details to a design. Tom Stepp did the opposite and designed a simplicity in UPDATE by removing. The solid metal leg is clamped to the side of the solid oak top. Beautifully recessed. Use as a bench, coffee table, TV bench, sideboard. Our own "Swiss army" design, Jack of all trades.



Collection Update
Design White Pigmented Lacquered Oak, Black Steel Legs
Material Solid Oak/Steel
Measurements (l x w x h) 140x40x42cm
Weight 20kg
Care Wipe with a lightly damp cloth.
Assembly time Delivered assembled.
More info Solid Oak in full lenght planks treated with clear laqcuer with a tint of white to keep the oak light.