Vaud Dining Table

Art. no 1307622

White Pigmented Lacquered Oak

Product information

VAUDE, sit the whole family down for a feast. Narrow and long. Comes with two inserts as standard. The inserts are conveniently stored inside the table, ready for use when needed. Synchronized rails that open up the entire table when pulled at one end.
Hidden and adjustable latch underneath.



Collection Vaud
Design White Pigmented Lacquered Oak
Material Solid Oak/ Oak Veneer
Measurements (l x w x h) 220-320x90x74cm
Weight 100kg
Care Wipe with a lightly damp cloth.
Assembly time 30min
More info

Veneered table top with solid Oak edges. 2 Extension sheets is included.

WOOD; a living material

Wood is changing with the seasons. It moves, shrinks and swells, absorbing moisture from the air, and drying out again when it gets less humid in the winter time.

Wood is a living material, it is also part of why we love it. We dry all the solid wood down to a moisture content of around 6-8%. But as soon as it comes out of the kiln and back into the fresh air again it begins to acclimatize to the environment. Small cracks or gaps can appear over the year between legs and tops which is completely natural. They will disappear when it get more humid again in spring / summer